Powder Post Beetles also known as Wood Borer causes white or yellowish powder from wooden furniture. This infestation is often considered as Termite infestation. This is a different pest then Termites. These infestation require special inspection and treatment. After identification, injection treatments are provided by special syringe to manage beetle infestation.

To avoid any Powder Post Beetle (Wood Borer) infestation in wooden packaging for exports, ISPM 15 standard advice Methyl Bromide Treatments. Elite Corporation provides these treatments in Maharashtra and Gujarat. Our fumigation certificates are valid all over the world.


Treatment mode

The infested wooden furniture is first cleaned with brush or cloths after that the minute holes created by the infestation of wood borer are injected with chemical with odour after that the whole wooden material is sprayed thoroughly with oil base spray. The penetration of chemical is generally limited so repeat treatment may be required.

Fly Management

House fly is also one of the important pest of house hold. They are associated with different pathogenic diseases like typhoid, cholera, dysentery, tuberculosis etc. especialy the problem of flies are more in rainy season.

The fly management generally done by following methods

  1. Mechanical Measures- It includes use of air curtains, screens to avoid entry of flies and also by systematic placement of fly catching devices or Insecticutors.
  2. Chemical Measures- The breeding areas & the problematic areas are treated with chemical insecticide.
  3. Integrated fly management- The decaying organic matter like wet manure & other such material where fly can breed are needed to remove from the site. Garbage cane should have tide lids & clean regularly,Garbage receptacles should be in the outside area far away from the building premise.
Damage caused by Powder Post Beetles